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Community and Cultural Affairs Commission8/9/20176:00 PM
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Supporting Materials
  CCAC Regular Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2017 - CCAC Regular Meeting Minutes - July 12, 2017 - DRAFT.doc
  Community and Cultural Affairs Commission Budget - CCAC Budget.doc
  Sound Xperience - Sound Xperience.doc
  Mayors Healthy City Initiative Partnership - Mayors Healthy City Initiative Partnership.doc
  Mayors Healthy City Initiative Partnership - Report to the Community and Cultural Affairs Commission.pdf
  AMP Grant Proposal, Levitt Foundation - AMP Grant Proposal, Levitt Foundation.doc
  Classical Concert Series - Classical Concert Series.doc
  Classical Concert Series - DHS Classical Concerts CCAC proposal 2018.pdf
  Cultural Awareness in Education - Cultural Awareness in Education.doc
  Art and Community Calendar - Art and Community Calendar.doc
  Carl May Art Exchange - Carl May Art Exchange.doc
  Commissioner Appointments as Liaisons to Special E - Commissioner Appointments as Liaisons to Special Event Sub-Committees.doc
  Art Inventory - Art Inventory.doc
  Sub-Committee Reports - Finance, Public Arts, Park - Sub-Committee Reports.doc